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Amulet Art - Shivitis
I place God before me, always. Psalm 16:8. Traditional Kabbalistic prayers, meditations, and "amulets" set as works of art in JPG format. Designed for home printing, and framing. These are not actual amulets, nor do any contain any kind of magical powers. They are for artistic purposes only.
BIBLE: Daniel, Mysteries Explained
The secret workings of spiritual agents behind the scenes of every physical phenomenon
BIBLE: Exodus
BIBLE: Exodus Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments As Understood from the Sefer HaZohar.
BIBLE: Genesis Creation Teachings
Understanding Biblical Teachings in Light of Modern Science & Ancient Mysticism
BIBLE: Genesis from Creation Through Nimrod
Secrets of Genesis Revealed Like Never Before, All from Classical Torah Sources.
BIBLE: Genesis: Avraham Avinu (Abraham)
The Life and Teachings of Avrham Avinu (the Patriarch Abraham). Role Model of the Mystic Scholar Warrior.
BIBLE: Genesis: Occult Wars of Ya'akov & Lavan
Torah/Kabbalah revelations from the Book of Genesis.
BIBLE: Isaiah - Redemption Prophecies
Ancient Prophecies with Profound Modern Relevance

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